CCL Overview

Cargo Care Logistics Corp. (known as CCL Group) was established in early 2009 from a small team with freight service covering Air & Sea Logistics. Over the time, we have been developing our service range & size together with our long-term customers to serve them just not the freight but the demands for Trucking & in-house Customs Broker, plus several value-added service. 
We are focus in providing to our Customer with the most appropriate solution in Freights and even in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Covering Transpacific-route, Europe Trade, and Oceania with the competitive and comprehensive solution. 
We are pro-active, experience, and understand of the timely correspondence. Our team is skillful in working with multi-cultures, there is a plus within our service that can provide tailor mode to customer’s needs, whilst still maintaining our service level. The Active management board with strong experience in several fields of Freight, Logistics & Supply Chain Management will provide with promptly advices and decisions to smooth process to gain advantages over industry norms and the large legacy forwarders


We are focused on you, so you can focus on your business. Collaborating with globally means we aim for a flexible, creative, dependable partner who helps you in a better solution provided. We focus into what makes your logistics strategy, then customize solutions best suited for your success. We are passionate about success and plan and act for the future. For the long term goods of our company, our customers and our world

CCL GROUP continue growing as global supply chain service provider on brand, method, uniqueness, confidence, progression .We are aiming for:
Flexibility, opportunity, simplicity, ownership, relationship while maintaining the qualities of a small company.
Placing customer first: focus, accuracy, priority, speed, communication.
Reward, trust, learning, fairness, recognition, supporting thing employees.
Perspectives – works for your specific needs
Approaches – creative methods that fuel solutions

To find out more about CCL’s activities , our profile can be found here.